Crystal Healing - Hematite Properties

So what is crystal healing in this metaphysical, new age, world we live in?! Well, crystals, just like ourselves have energy that vibrates at different frequencies. Because they come from the earth after millions of years of birth, many of them are charged, giving off specific properties that allow us to heal dis-ease (this is not to be confused with disease, diss ease).

Hematite Properties

Lately, I’ve been totally drawn to the silver surfer stone its self, Hematite. Even though it’s splendid and beautiful, with its black silver polished surface, ever time I passed by it, not only the shine caught my eye, but it stuck out like a sore thumb next to the rest of my stones. I keep stones around the home and every day, or when I need, I go to each little plate and choose the ones that call out to me. And maybe I’m a complete loon and this is all magical bullshit, but you know what I’ve come to realize?

I will not let others put their limitations on me.

If you believe that there is a man in the sky that is dictating our fates and paths then you can’t tell me my ideas are BS.

If you believe there is absolutely nothing out there, as we spin through space, on this molten lava planet of a world, where we can’t even study all the creatures of the deepest depths of the sea, while we orbit other planets in one small galaxy filled with millions of stars…. than you can’t judge what my soul resonates with.

You just can’t. I fully respect what others believe in and actually adore talking about possibilities of what life is what is really means, but who are we as a single person, completely in our own personal faith, to tell ANYONE that their belief is wrong?

We need to be more understanding. Spirituality is personal, so let people be. As long as you are not harming others in any shape or form then you do you boo!!!! GET IT!

Ok, let me get off my preaching stand and go back to the stone in hand.

Hematite Properties


(per the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall)


  • Great for grounding and protection
  • Aids in getting rid of negative energy in your aura
  • Helps prevent negativity
  • Aids in self-confidence, especially in timid women
  • Leads the way to self-esteem
  • Brings focus and concentration
  • Breakthrough in problem-solving
  • Treats anxiety
  • Hematite’s healing properties pertain a lot towards blood. Aiding in iron absorption and formation of red blood cells, this stone can also help with circulatory problems, blood conditions (similar to Tiger Iron healing), and support cleansing of blood in the kidneys. It can be placed on the skin in the appropriate place, however, should not be used on inflamed spots or for extreme amounts of time.

Everything in moderation has recently been my motto anyways. Also, if you're feeling anxious to no end, check out our favorite lifestyle blog to help with positivity and other exercises to dispell anxiety and depression at Dear Online Diary.

This stone has personally made me feel empowered, as I can tend to be a ‘timid lady’. The thing I love most about Hematite is the weight of it. It feels good in your hand because it’s heavier than other crystals. It’s almost a comforting feeling when you hold it. Perfect for when I’m having an anxiety spell, it’s quite calming.

Comment below with your favorite attribute of Hematite! Or, tell me what other crystals are your favorite! I’m always looking for new ones to learn about.

Until next time babes—-


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