Enhance a Relationship with Feng Shui

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Using crystals in the Feng Shui of your home can really help energy flower the way you want. For instance, while Amethyst has many different uses, it's perfectly paired with Citrine when in your home.



Amethyst and Citrine are like fraternal twins. When Amethyst, the love crystal, under goes a heat treating process, Citrine blooms. These crystals have a very special bond. Citrine is a fortune, abundance delivering crystal. It's a cheery yellow color and has been said to bring prosperity, filling it's owner with ecstatic joy. This joy helps to bring good feelings about yourself, and self-love is the key to great happiness.

In Feng Shui, pairing an amethyst and citrine cluster in the Southwest area of your living room, helps to raise the love energy around you. Are you looking to attract a new partner or have you found the love of your life, and you want to strengthen that partnership? Then make sure to place these two beautiful stones together in the Southwest region of your living area. 




Amethyst emits a pure love, for your true love, but it also allows you to get in touch with your feelings. It's even said that in mythical days, giving your loved on an amethyst stone was showing how committed you were to the relationship. Placing with the fortune stone, helps to ignite all the right energies when finding or enhancing your love life.

Placing the stones in the Southwest corner of your living room, especially near a photo of the happy couple, says to the world that you want this current relationship to thrive.

I've personally tried this to enhance a relationship with Feng Shui, and it has totally worked! Buy Amethyst and Citrine clusters at the shop, and try for yourself!



Now, can you imagine wearing these beautiful, joyous crystals together for a week? Oh the wonders it would bring to you!

Good vibes and good love to you --


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