How to Glamp at Coachella

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Growing up in Austin, Texas, I was raised on festival goings. It was only after my first Coachella, that I realized how much of a community, music festivals really are. They are quite therapeutic and can really open your eyes to love and camaraderie.

We camped at Coachella last year and if you aren't camping, I do not know what you are doing. Just kidding, you do you boo -- either way it'll be so fun and magical!!! But keep in mind... There is something effervescent about the camp grounds. It allows you to enter and exit the music portion as you please, and be apart of the excitement thats outside of the festival grounds, after that last set stops playing.

However, camping can be quite a set up. It takes a lot of planning and executing. Because there is a healing quality to camping, let us help you in your basic planning. We have created a VERY LIMITED TIME collection, just for your glamping needs.

MUST bring:

  • TICKETS, tent, canopy (will need for shade and/or privacy), tarps for canopy walls, blankets, flooring (towels or tapestries), tapestries (for the true glamper), rope, rubber mallet, lights & lanterns (battery powered), toiletries and towels, blankets, a mattress pad, tent, cooler, ice, food (food prep | no glass allowed in the grounds), toilet paper, baby wipes, paper towels, first aid kit, vitamins, joint juice (if you're hitting 30+, you're welcome), green juice, water, and DECOR!!!
  • These are just the MUST HAVE basics.

The Decor is the glamour side. Can be extremely nice, once it's all set up. Coming home from a full, rainbow induced, hot-day, the set up will feel even cozier. You'll be able to wind down with ease and peace.

Glamp it up:

  • tapestries to hang over your tarps
  • tapestries or towels to sit lay on
  • floor pillows
  • lanterns
  • celestial latern
  • lights 
  • carpets (if you real fancy!)
  • chairs
  • extra pillows
  • throws
  • night stands and small pieces of furniture
  • crystals, plants, sheets, and bunting

Check out some inspiration to see how you want to make your next festival home!


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