How to choose your Crystal or Gemstone

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How to choose your Crystal or Gemstone to receive it's magical properties. Since the age of time, Crystals have been viewed as having energies and qualities to amplify different energies and protections.Crystals and gemstones, since the tale of time, have been thought to have properties that can enhance humans own needs. From the Egyptian Kings and Queens, to the Romans, myths have told us they would use crystals and gems for healing and protection.


Crystals and gemstones are beautiful. They have an alluring way about them. Even when choosing the right Crystal or Gemstone for you, it will give off a vibration as if it's has been waiting for you to pick it up. 

If you are ready to pick one out and set out your intent, to gain back the qualities of each stone, look no further!

Not only can crystals energize but they can also heal in many different areas of your life. They can stimulate the atmosphere and energy around you, making a party, a home, or even your inner self feel more comfortable.


How to choose your crystals:

Ultimately, it's better to choose your crystals from a gemstone or crystal shop. However, alternatively you can choose them by mail. The stones that the PERIAPT offers you, have all been sent with great intentions. Buying them online, can be very supportive to your time. Finding crystal shops you like, can be hard. It also can be very time consuming, depending on where you live and finding the right one for you.

However, if you do get the chance to choose your crystal in person here are a few hints on finding the perfect one for you.

  • Familiarize yourself with all the energies and vibrations that come from the stones. Allow yourself to walk around the store a few times, looking and picking up stones that you feel a pretty or speak out to you. 
  • Once you are used to the different energies, find the stone you came for standing in front of them. Close your eyes and when you open them, see which one stands out the most.
  • Pick up the one that stands out. Feel it's energy flow through your hands. Does it buzz a little bit or change in temperature? If so, then this is the crystal that is made for you. 

If you allow the crystal to jump out to you, it will. If it isn't the first one you pick up, try all over again. It will come to you. Let the good energy come to you. It's as simple as that. Just in life, following your intuition can do you a world of good. Listen to your body and yourself and see what happens.

Tell us your favorite stone to wear on you, that helps you the most throughout the day.

Good vibes to you --



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