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What the fish gills is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is all about energy. It is a holistic approach to re-energize yourself and heal through an alternative way; ways in which have been used for centuries.

As a disclaimer, these stones can help you, but if you are sick - you should always seek medical attention. I mean it's 2018.

At the Periapt, we have a deep seated belief in crystal healing the dis-ease of something. Crystals can not only help identify the symptom of a bigger problem, but then cure that dis-ease. The dis-ease you may feel in life for example could be, anxiety, depression, lack of self-love, etc.

The owner of the Periapt  dealt with anxiety and depression since she was a young child. Therapy had helped, but doctors always wanted to 'cure' her with medication. Medicine is great when it actually solves a problem, again 2018, but it's not something she (or her mother) wanted to be on forever.

Then came crystal therapy, and wam-bam-thank-you-ma'am, blockage, smaller symptoms of bigger issues, and dis-ease started to break down and beautiful energy started to appear. The light at the end of the tunnel. If you have ever experienced anxiety or depression - you understand how it feels to find a holistic cure to these crippling afflictions.

Crystal healing has much to do with faith and intentions. While it may sound or appear magical -- that's because it is.

It feels like magic. 

Every crystal holds many different properties that helps aid the psychological, the physical, and the emotional. Now each crystal can help in its' own way, but taking it a step further, you can even place different gems/crystals together and enhance very specific areas of your life. The best book in the word to start your crystal healing is the Crystal Bible by Judy Hill

When you touch your crystal, with a little concentration, you can actually feel the vibration they give off. It truly is magical. Just like the artists we feature here at the Periapt.

Follow us on our journey of crystal healing and style, as we curate limited collections just for you! Also, through following us receive updated information and FREE gifts!!! SAYYYY WHHHHHHAATTTTT?!?!?! 

Free Healing, Free Gifts, Free Love - do not miss out.

Many cheers--


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