Love Yourself More with Crystal Healing

La Periapt

Hello love babes!!

Valentines day is always the perfect time to show your lover some love, but don't ever forget about the one-nearest-and-dearest to you - that beautiful babe in the mirror. V-day is also the perfect day to love on your damn self.

Celebrating this day of cupid, doesn't always HAVE to be for another. Look at your reflection and see the beautiful Goddess that you are, see the journey life that has brought you, carrying you directly to this heart-eyes day. You have achieved so much and have been strong, all the while being stunning and loving... 

Love yourself even MORE with crystal healing. Here are my top 5 stones that I like to use during a 'lovin'-on-me' meditation & affirmation. 

My 5 love stones for loving-thyself:


Rose Quartz -- This beautiful stone is a  pale pink, with a magic white light lying within. Not only is she the mother of love, but the stone helps bring self-esteem and self-acceptance. It truly allows you to love yourself, even if once thought unlovable. Leading to trust and value of self.
Amethyst -- A beautiful purple, lavender color that shines within. This calming stone helps to dispel emotions making you feel low; depression, anxiety, anger, rage, fear. Enhancing centered emotions, Amethyst helps in decision making and common sense  (...That you're dope.)

Garnet -- This deep red beauty, shines with small sparkles at hard glance. This is an inspirational stone igniting passion and love, opening the heart and raising self-confidence. 

Amazonite -- Sea green stone with an opalescent shine. A stone of communication buttered in love. Allowing yourself to be true, and in turn, leading to understanding. It aids in manifesting Universal love. Also promoting self-esteem and self-expression.

Hematite -- With it's dark, silver coated sides, Hematite gets rid of, and prevents, negative energies. Depending on the Gemini you receive, I can be shy at times. This stone helps with timid-women, removing self-limitations and enhancing expansion of self, adding courage and bravado to yourself confidence.

I hope your lovers were good to you this V-day, but I hope you were even better to yourself. This is the only body, we can promise in the moment, that we have.
Treat it right!
Smooches --
The Periapt 

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