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Hello Moon Bunny.

Are you here to learn what you need to know about this New Moon in Sagittarius? It is the last dark moon of the year and it is a lucky one. Jupiter is back at home, bringing us the optimistic look we need to tackle the remainder of 2018 and most of 2019. 

Looking at the images, choose with your gut, the message that is for you is the stack that you choose. This intuitive message will help you harness this energy, luck, and give insight into what you need to do to progress yourself.


Let your mind and gut guide you to which message is for you. 

See below for the corresponding crystal.

(From left to right, Sunstone, Rose Quartz, Charoite.)







Take a moment to fully take in the message.

Sunstone is a crystal of happiness and joy. Wear one or keep one with you this moon cycle to bring a good nature to you. It will release any energetic/emotional 'hooks' and gently return to sender. Sunstone will also facilitate self-empowerment, independence, and vitality. It will help overcome any procrastination holding you back, and with the new moon in Sagittarius bringing new beginnings and luck this is a winning combination. 

There are a lot of words when Emotion/Intellect come up: acceptance, openness, understanding, emotional intelligence, strength & courage to heal emotional wounds, and enlightenment.

It's time to take this cycle and prepare for the new year to come. However, it may not be easy, because I see there are emotional wounds that are heavy, and hard to heal. They are causing a set back within yourself, because of the hooks they have in us. When we sit in our emotions, although I must say it may not be easy, and we peel back the skin until we recognize that we cannot change what has happened, nor can it be undone - all we can do is understand how we react to it. Being mindful and learning how you react, why you react, and what causes you to react will help you eventually acknowledge these past experiences no longer have power over you; the time has passed.

Something to get in touch with is your emotional triggers. What triggers your hurt? It won't be a gentle process, but there are hooks that are causing you to not move forward.

These memories do not hold power over you, you hold power over you.

End their influence by being mindful to them, dealing with them, claiming your power, that nothing that has happened to you makes you unworthy or less-than. You are worthy of all that you desire still. You are worthy of happiness and love. The love you have for yourself can transcend past pain.

Advice: Be cautious when dealing with your emotional triggers. You need to heal, you are owed healing, but be careful with yourself. Don't kill yourself to the point of healing... Take the time, do the work, and be cautious. Self Love and a lot of Self Care will do you very well. Also -- don't be afraid -- look at all sides of the story, and while the pain that was caused is most likely not something to be justified, try to understand further from all angles, to understand more fully.


Rose Quartz is a crystal of unconditional love. It is the most important crystal for your heart chakra (per the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall). This crystal helps us understand the true essence of what love is. It teaches us what love is and how to love ourselves. When we love ourselves, we have self-belief and confidence. Rose quartz also, helps us in partnerships to promote trust and harmony.

The time for teamwork is now and what you need this cycle to achieve your goals. Even if you are proud and don't want to ask for help, seek your teammate. There is someone with similar interests that hold the answers you seek, and vice versa. You will both be able to help one another, so make sure you aren't dependent on this person, but yet an equal team player. 

This equal energy will come to you in the form of a mentor, a work partner, a friend with a shared vision or mutual interest, they may be someone who helps you overcome obstacles, lending a hand and a brain for both of you to gain!

Advice: This is a venture you have known about for some time or at least something you've been thinking of! It's the time to strike and take action. Move forward towards your calling, with your teammate, and don't look back. Be courageous and determined.

Charoite is for transformation. This crystal overcomes fears and is considered the soul stone. This stone stimulates unconditional love, cleanses the aura, and aids in enormous change on a spiritual level. It helps you be mindful to the moment and appreciate what is, seeing your life as perfect. It promotes energy through drive and vigor, reducing stress. This relaxed attitude also brings on more spontaneity. This is the perfect stone to transmute negative energy into that of wellness.

Wisdom is something that is learned through experiences. This isn't the studying from books that you gain wisdom. Look at all that you've learned over this past year and see how much you've grown. Acknowledge the experiences that have changed you; taught you. If there was pain that came from this year's experiences, transmute it into positive experience but understanding the takeaway, the silver lining, the lessons. Hold on to what has made you grow and understand what no longer serves you. Now is the time to let go, to take the wisdom of this past year, and drop what is holding you down.

Advice: Release what no longer serves you as your start the manifestation process for this cycle. It is also very important to clear your space immediately. Personal spaces, workspaces, hobby spaces; clear our what you don't need. Clearing your spaces will also clear your mind.



Have a great new moon in Sagittarius. Keep these messages in mind when thinking about the luck that has been bestowed upon us. This is the time to be expansive, even if healing, partnering up, or clearing out space. You are here for a reason, you are worthy, and you are capable of more than you even realize. Use this positive time to transmute pain into love, go the distance, recognize achievements and lessons learned.

I love you!

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