Special gifts from the Super Blue Blood Moon

La Periapt

Celestial Goddesses and Empresses, the magic is upon us!

The Super Blue Blood Moon is an extremely rare sighting, (the first in 150 years) showing off in the sign of Leo. This Super Blue Blood Moon, starring on January 31st, will bring along very special gifts - if you are willing to receive them.

Although there is an air of vulnerability, as this lunar eclipse signals a turning point in our lives, we will feel beautiful effects from the energy that the moon brings. It's time to start looking at our lives & assessing what we truly want out of it.

Good fortune is on it's way, so keep your head up and stay positive, because even though good vibes are brought with the Super Blue Blood Moon, ownership will NEED to be taken in upcoming months. Responsibility of mistakes and weaknesses will to be taken into consideration and sensitivity may strike. Owning up to our own faults or down falls can be extremely difficult for the average bear, but just do it, here is the time to own it, fight forward, and claim your life!

If you can fight and put your best foot forward - even with emotions running rampant - abundance, fortune, and luck will find you. Chin up buttercup & vibrations set to high - the lunar eclipse will allow you to shed who you've become and allow you to be whom you want to be. This may take form, mentally, emotionally, or physically; or a bit of all -- depending on how you claim yourself. Look inward at what you want most out of life and be extremely grateful for what has already been received!!! These emotions running high WILL pass, but keep in mind the energies you bring with the Super Blue Blood Moon will set the tone for 2018. 

Bringing this luck and good fortune into 2018 will be extremely valuable!

For this rare and fantastical sight, the Periapt wants to extend FREE gifts to you, as we spread our wings!!

Our 'MOON' collection is completely FREE with shipping (!!!) for a limited time!

We send you positive light + love in honor of one of the rarest beauties in the sky. HOW LUCKY ARE WE TO WITNESS THIS CELESTIAL GODDESS??

You can find us a top a mountain, as close to the moon as we can find, with Citrine in our hand, under the brightly lit sky with rings on every finger. Who and how will you be celebrating?

Check out Lost Cosmos UK, for how they will be releasing what is no longer right for them in their moon releasing ritual, here.


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