How Mercury Retrograde will Affect all the Zodiac Signs (February 2020)

Mercury will station retrograde February 17 to March 10, 2020. He will start in the sign of Pisces and finish his transit backward (represented as inward for most of us) in Aquarius.

This transit affects which house you are in specifically when it comes to the mind, analytical thinking, day-to-day life, and communication. This does not necessarily mean that you are going to have something terrible happen or transit to be afraid of - but instead, it's a time of slowing down and going inward. Mercury who is very much a communicator and an information provider now gives himself permission to stop and think before he speaks.

Mercury Retrograde (RX) is that exact moment for us too. In our busy lives, it is easy to forget our spiritual practice or the need to rest. This retrograde reminds us that we don't always need to be on the move, even though our society pushes us to do so.

There is so much beauty in the stillness and in the quiet. You may notice that technology goes a little wacky around this time or odd things start happening. As Mercury seems to move backward, you may find that people from your past pop up, or you start to even think of old times for no reason. These are all indications that possibly something hasn't been healed or needs to be addressed. It doesn't mean just go run back to your ex because maybe you're feeling a little nostalgic.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

Starting his backward descent, Mercury is in Pisces which speaks a lot to our spiritual and nurturing sides. When we think of Mercury going backward, and for us during the human experience that may mean going inwards, we see that everything is done in a way that is, well, seemingly backward. This is a time of quiet contemplation and connection to spirit. This can be quiet a confusing time for some, as Pisces is also known as the sign of illusion. However, if we deepen our spiritual practice through intention setting, prayer, meditation, or mindful activities, we are sure to erase any fog of confusion and meet Spirit with grace and clarity. You may be more prone to feeling energy now. If you are not used to feeling energy, this can be jarring and may make you much more sensitive out in the world. Be gentle with yourself and be aware of your ego who may push you "to act correctly in the world." There is not correctness now. Feeling through things, versus acting through things, will provide more clear knowing above anything else.

This is a beautiful moment to go within and grow your intuition. This may even mean your psychic abilities that have been lying dormant and unused. It also may be a time of understanding what your psychic abilities are, as the information provided from Mercury is that of experience and ancient wisdom.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

On March 4th, Mercury makes it's way back into Aquarius where we are given a moment to come up from the deep surface of our oceans and take a BIG breath of air. We come out of an emotional and watery place and into a more detached outlook. This is truly a time of finding our truth and authentic power. We may find that where we've been untrue to ourselves will organically shed away like the skin of a snake. We are more inclined to act and be who we truly are at this time, and if you haven't recognized that truth yet, this portion of the RX can be uncomfortable. You are being called now to not only your purpose but called to step into it fully. Your mind may try and play tricks on you as your heart and mind work separately during this time. Meditation should bring them into cohesion again, so don't skip your practice this Mercury Retrograde.


Aries: You find your spiritual side even more now. Your fire may try to fight against the current, but that's impossible. Water will extinguish your flame every time. Instead of trying to push against the experiences that are leading you this way, flow with them more. This is a time of understanding you cannot use brute strength to get your way all the time, sometimes you need to be more fluid in order to attract what you desire. There may be more limitations that are put on by your mind but don't give in to that, bring awareness to limitations and keep it moving.

Taurus: This is a time of coming into yourself. You are finding exactly what YOU need! Maybe you give to others before yourself, but this period of time is to slow down and let your heart explore what it desires, and then working on that bliss. You are finding exactly what your spirit needs, so listen to yourself, and be okay with taking some time away from your social life.

Gemini: What you hold valuable may be changing now as your spirit is asking to evolve. This may also mean that you are understanding a subject more to its depths instead of skimming the surface like you always do. This can be uncomfortable because usually you are intrigued by more than one thing. However, at this time, you are asked to let your mind go quiet for once and find that information comes to you naturally now. Find value in this clear knowing instead of looking outwards and mirroring what society tells you is important.

Cancer: This is a chance to communicate your feelings. Although it may be harder to communicate to others still, as Mercury may have us fumbling our words, but the others don't matter. At the heart of it Cancer, this is your chance to understand & communicate more clearly with yourself. What is it that you desire? Why are you afraid? Where do you feel like rejection has caused trauma? These are questions for Cancer to answer at this time and step outside its shell once the RX has passed.

Leo: Where do you feel most at home? This is where Leo finds their truth. Is it within their family or friends? This retrograde period allows Leo to contemplate the relationship with their mother, where they find a home, and really where they can find their intuitive side. Leo's spirit will grow a lot during this period and it's a time to exercise those psychic abilities. Leo isn't known for their intuition, but that doesn't mean they don't possess those qualities. As hard as it is, sit with yourself a little bit every day and journal. This can be writing down thoughts, what happened during the day, or dreams. Journaling is an action Leo can take to start exercising their hidden abilities.

Virgo: Letting go of the rigid need to perfect things in their creative pursuits. This is a time to let loose beautiful Virgo and just do things for fun. This can be extremely uncomfortable for Virgo, but getting those juices flowing and create. Create to create, not to make a masterpiece. You may also want to masturbate more during this time, Virgo and reconnect to your sexual desires that have been stuffed down. If you have a partner, you may try to connect more with your own pleasures.

Libra: This is a time to look inward and see how you affect the lives of others. Do you give back as much as you think? Libra can have trouble understanding their worth, so they always look to others for validation, but in that, don't actually give in return. They may feel as if their presence is enough, but their friends and family may not feel the same. If you do give yourself constantly to those around you, then it may be a great time to look at your health. Are you taking care of your body and feeding it high vibration foods? This retrograde will create situations where these themes arise for you to look at.

Scorpio: Relationships play a huge role during this period. You are asked to make a collaboration or collective effort. Communicating what you need may be more difficult, but try to stay calm and collected and not whip-lash those on the other end of the conversation if they don't understand what you're needing the first time around. Be patient and find the duality needed to enhance relationships that are all around you. Duality is your keyword, as relationships may be fine, but it's the balance that you need to find in your life.

Sagittarius: You are shedding the skin that is no longer yours. The transformation of your higher self is stepping through. New ideas may come from experiences, which completely change your perspective on life or the philosophy you have come to know. There is a great change during this time period, so try your best to not wander off alone too much. Lean on people who care about you if you need to. While you may want to run off when things get too rough, try to stick it out and go deeper within. TIME TO UNDERSTAND YOUR PSYCHIC GIFTS TOO! I cannot even stress the importance of going within, to understand that you are gifted in ethereal ways.

Capricorn: There is a lot to learn during this Retrograde. Your ego may be present but you don't realize it, in the sense that you are very intellectual, you know a lot of things, but that doesn't mean there is not more to learn or gain. There is a lot of learning through experience versus reading books and gathering information from others. You may feel a little more social in ways, and could even take or plan a trip that is outside what is known to you. While I wouldn't recommend traveling during the retrograde, planning it would be fun, but make sure that you read the fine print in everything. Don't purchase with a flight you can't afford that's non-refundable.

 Aquarius: This Mercury Retrograde has the ability to put you in the spotlight. Possibly you're finding that you can get your efforts recognized and seen the way you've dreamed of. However, make sure that if your closing any deals or collaborating with others that you are still (A) true to your self and (B) not being taken advantage of on the low. This period of time is where you must be true to yourself to the core, even if your vision isn't shared. Know that after this inward motion, you'll find that others do look at your authenticity and find inspiration in it. That there is the ability to gain the recognition you've been working for, just remember the work isn't meant to be done FOR the recognition but for the betterment of man kind.

Pisces: More than anyone else, Pisces really need to take this time to slow down and give themself permission to go within. Stable your spirit as you are constantly intertwined with this realm and the spiritual realm. While you may actually feel more social, there is a possibility for you to not communicate in the way that you want, which leaves you frustrated. You make take this time to create a vision board or reach deep down and understand what your true ideas are for a better future. Friends will come into play more organically that way, but first, there's work to be done. There's a deep pulling of knowledge that resides in your DNA that needs to be unpacked before the perfect people can come along.



There is a spiritual pull and we all are able to devote more time and effort to our own soul. We suggest using our manifestation candles during this time. Our favorite pick for Mercury Retrograde is Faery Realm. This candle is made to break barriers of the imagination, protect, and grow your psychic abilities.

This is a great period of reflection and in that awareness, there is always growth.

I'm so excited to see you on the other side!!!


Have an amazing Mercury Retrograde, mystic friend.


-Steph Prism 🌈


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