Mercury Retrograde November 2019

Alright y'all, like a true Gemini, I'm a little late to the party. Follow me on Instagram for less tardy updates 😹. On my Instagram, you know that I've been going through it this Mercury Retrograde. Usually, Mercury Retrograde doesn't bother me as much, but this time as it hits Scorpio - it has the potential to get really, real!

For me, it's manifested in a way that I've felt like I'm living in a dark, deep hole. However, I have the energy to get out of that said hole, but I can't find any tools or light to figure out which way is up and which way is down to do so. So instead, I have to sit there, wondering when will be the time to make a move. 

Funny enough, I'm not the type of astrologer to necessarily believe in not starting something new or not signing contracts. I believe that life comes before anything else, and with that said, sometimes you have to start a new job or sign a contract. As much as I'd love to time everything around the heavens, sometimes, it just can't be done. With that said, it's safe to say that if you are starting something new or signing a contract of sorts during this 'backward' time period, just make sure to really dot your i's and cross your t's. 

Because really what Mercury is asking from us at this time, is to slow down and turn inward to take a look at ourselves instead of the outside world. And in retrospect, that's all Mercury is asking from us. This is a very organic and natural time period to stop fussing with the outside of us, which is what society has constantly taught us to do, and instead, take a moment to look at our own accomplishments and communicating with ourselves how we are feeling. 

For this specific Mercury Retrograde during November 2019, we are in the sign of Scorpio. These flavors are a little different than other retrogrades because we are communicating any type of destruction that we need to shed. Is there something we've been holding on to that doesn't allow for us to grow? Or is there something that needs to be transformed that we just aren't ready to let go of? Also, something to look into is your shadow side. When you are out in the world, what triggers you the most? Where are those triggers coming from? Why do you react the way you do to certain people, words, and situations? Looking at these and bringing the light (awareness) to it, we'll help you illuminate your shadow side the most. We aren't trying to get rid of our shadows, for they are what our brain has created to protect us, but instead we do want to understand them, love ourselves for it, and integrate them within our consciousness.

This Mercury Retrograde you may feel a little extra on edge or energetically under the weather because for a few weeks we will be in a square with Mars and Pluto. For me, this is a two-week-long transit that is uncomfortable as everyone's ego is upfront and center. We may not even realize it, but we are sitting on pins listening to people or waiting for people, patience is not our biggest strong suit during this transit.

Funny enough this is a really important time to trust in the Universe and trust in divine timing. As for me, things that should have taken a few days have taken a few weeks, so it's safe to say that I am pushing the boundaries of trusting in the divine. Really, I'm only joking, I completely and fully surrender myself to the divine process and in divine timing and know that everything will reveal itself to me just as it's supposed to, at the exact moment it's supposed to. This November 2019 Mercury Retrograde is a key source in understanding how to surrender. Patience may not be our friend while Mars and Pluto square up, but in the end, the lesson we will have learned from it will be extremely important for our future.

I surrender myself fully for I am worthy of all I desire. So are you. And so it is.

🌈🌈🌈 Steph Prism


If you're looking for a manifestation candle to help you along this wild, yet slow, ride, I have two recommendations.

1. Duality for balance and helping to find your footing even though it's more intuitive and slower. This is a beautiful scent to keep yourself grounded.


2. Surrender. 'I Trust in the Universe' candle is a surprise candle, picked intuitively for you, by me. This is done with you specifically in mind and is a mindful practice to surrender and receive what the Universe has in store for you. The picture above is NOT necessarily what you might receive. It's a complete surprise.


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