The Best Traits of Capricorn

The Best Traits of Capricorn

What are the best traits of Capricorn? Let's be honest, that's pretty subjective, but in my personal and professional opinion I have found that there are some pretty amazing benefits to Capricorn energy within our chart

We all hold Capricorn Energy within our charts, because we are all made up of the 12 different zodiac signs. As an astrologer and magick practitioner, I find that even if you don't have dominate placements in one specific sign, there is an energy that is held with each season that can be worked with to manifest your desires by coming into balance with all areas of your life.

Capricorn is the ruler of the 10th house which offers insight into your career or public life. This is where you are seen in society and potentially where you find achievements that truly fulfill your soul. The 10th house is a major angle on your astrological blueprint, so it's something to know about!

So when we talk about the best traits of Capricorn, this is great to validate all heavy Capricorn placements like the sun, moon, rising, north node, and stellium, but these are also traits for everyone to understand about themselves through Capricorn season, which generally takes place between December 21 - January 19 (give or take a day depending on the year).

What traits are we aligning with during Capricorn season?

Before we move on, these are the best traits, in my opinion, to take a look at within yourself. Knowing where Capricorn is in your natal chart is SO important, because you can find these specific traits in that area of your life more. This provides validation and self-confidence when you know where these traits relate to you specifically. ALSO, understanding the shadow aspects of Capricorn is ANOTHER massively important part of knowing yourself, because there are a few that can need tending to.

The incredible energy and best traits of Capricorn:

1. They are FULL of potential! This may seem general, as truly all people and signs have their own potential, but Capricorn energy shows us where our potential for long term achievements lie. Some things are not meant to manifest and come to fruition overnight, and Capricorn is the steady achiever that allows for us to set long-term goals and slowly find our footing to make our way to them.

2. Capricorns have the ability to achieve material success while still remaining grounded, and down-to-earth. Generally, they care about others and the well being of others, no matter how much success they find. They know how to keep themselves grounded while also enjoying what they consider the finer things in life.

3. They don't love everyone, but they do love deeply. They don't need to feel loved by everyone, as most evolved Capricorns aren't seeking outward validation. This allows for their love to be deeper than you expect because when they do love and care about people, it's all in. They are actually real softies for the ones they love.

4. Capricorns can take a big goals and turn them into digestible steps. THIS IS A SUPER POWER. This can get you anywhere in life, and make seriously, anything possible. Sometimes this can also be deemed a shadow however, when you're working with manifestation as surrendering doesn't happen, but nevertheless, in the physical realm, this is an incredible trait to have.

5. Intelligence is not only obtained through books and research, but they are extremely intuitive. When Capricorns work with their intuition and surrender more to the unknown realms, instead of solely focusing on the physical one, they teeter between both intuitive and smarts all the time.

6. Capricorn knows how to turn on the outgoing, fun, charm. While a lot of them may be introverts, where they need to be alone to gain energy, when they want to turn it on in a social aspect, they know how to turn it all the way one.

7. CEO, big boss energy is natural to them. They are natural leaders. The reason being is they see the potential in others (sometimes before they see it within themselves) and know how to nurture that out of them. This makes for great managers who really push their people in a constructive way. When they feel that someone needs to step in and take charge, even if they don't feel comfortable doing so, they simply know how.

8. They are passionate about what they're interested in. This can mean hobbies, goals, desires, you name it... If Capricorn is interested in it, they have an above level of passion for it. They can take it to Scorpio level obsession at times. They'll eat, breathe, and live their interests once that spark hits them.

9. They work hard and do good work. Capricorn not only works hard towards what they want, but they make sure the quality of that work is also at a very high level. Capricorns are loyal and have a very fixed moral compass, so they don't mess around when it comes to putting their name on something. They find validation in doing something that is quality work.

10. They achieve their goals. Period. Capricorns give themselves the time and space they need to make sure once they've set their mind to something, they will obtain that desire. 

This is just a quick look at the best traits of Capricorn, because to be honest there are quite a few more I could name off the top of my head. For example, they're usually financially stable, magical when they believe in themselves, disciplined & patience, practical & reliable, resourceful, independent, problem-solvers, and organized to the point of being meticulous! 

Knowing where Capricorn energy is held for you or taking a look at your 10th house can identify where these traits also hold value in your Universe. These are also things to consider as a Capricorn placement or when working with the energy of Capricorn Season!

Thank you for being here in the holographic universe, you are worthy of all you desire!!!

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