What is your return policy?
Please keep in mind when buying, that we do not offer returns unless something has arrived broken. We will send a new item as soon as possible. Everything is made specifically for you. If you are allergic to a specific fragrance, pease contact us ahead of time. If you truly dislike a fragrance, although they are all intention based, we will exchange it for another. Please feel free to contact us in any case and we would be happy to remedy a solution. You can reach us on our about page, or down below, at any time.
When should I expect my order?
Due to production times and shipping, expect your item within 2 weeks from your order date. During the holidays we expect longer shipping times. However, most of the year you should receive your order within 5 to 7 business days.
Terms + Conditions
The Periapt is not responsible for slight variations in candles or the colors of gems, wax, herbs, flowers etc. Almost all pieces are handmade, and like anything you may find in nature, colors may vary slightly. Know that the candle you receive is made with love and good vibes specifically for you.
We also cannot be responsible for lost packages due to extreme weather or holds at customs for international shipping.


If you have any questions about a bespoke candle, order, or reading, please email us at prism@theperiapt.com at any time!