Reduce+Reuse Initiative

Reduce + Reuse Initiative

The Earth provides every single resource we need. Constant consuming can leave a terrible impact on our planet which we strive to be mindful of.

Participate in our reduce and reuse initiative today!

By returning your used glass vessels, we'll refill them with our signature candles, promoting sustainability + reducing waste.

Help take step towards a less wasteful future, while still fully enjoying the benefits of our high-vibrational products.

Be apart of the movement in making a positive impact on the environment + doing what you can to take care of our Divine Mother.

How the Initiative Works

It doesn't matter where you purchased your Periapt candle, as long as it's one of ours, we will take the vessel back.

Save your vessels! Once you have three (or more) vessels saved up, we will take them.

Clean them up! Energetically: Hold the vessel in your hand + say or imagine all your magic being returned to you. We want you to keep all your power. (We will energetically clean each vessel, but call your power back to be safe.) Physically: Place your vessel in the freezer + pop out any remaining wax. Simply wash with a grease-cutting soap + water to finish them off.

If you drop off in-person, whether at an event or scheduling with us to meet at our studio in the Heights, you will receive 20% off your next purchase. This discount can be used for intention candles or spritiual sessions.

If you don't live in the Houston area, we accept them via mail. Contact us for a return label or mail them to our studio. For every clean vessel received unbroken + whole (please pack glass accordingly), you'll receive $2 in store credit.