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Astro Guidance

Steph P r i s m

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Astro Guidance
Astro Guidance
Astro Guidance
Astro Guidance
Astro Guidance
Astro Guidance

What to expect in your Natal Chart Interpretation:

  • Self-awareness of the innermost aspects of yourself (strengths, weaknesses, fears, dreams)
  • How to develop more self-love and/or direction in life
  • How to improve your energy and use it more efficiently
  • Learn all about your birth chart, including your signs, where there is an emphasis in your life, lessons needed to learn, plus so much more. This is a very in-depth reading.
  • There are 3 options for this service. Option 1: 15-minute video recording ($22.20)Option 2: 30-minute video recording or face-to-face Zoom call where you can ask questions ($44.40). Option 3: 60-minute video recording or face-to-face Zoom call where you can ask questions ($88.80).
  • During a 60-minute astrology reading, we may look at specific areas to navigate more deeply.

To be able to fully interpret your chart I will need your birth date, birth time, and city of birth. Without the birth time, we can still do an interpretation, but it may be missing some information. Please text me at 512-767-7555 for pricing for this option or email me at

Natal Chart Interpretations are done through a video recording so you may download and keep this information. The greatest perk of this format is the ability to replay it as much as you need. The Natal Chart Interpretation is a lot of information and will take more than once (twice or even three times) to remember fully. This is a very in-depth reading and you will receive a 60-minute video.

We have grown to know astrology as a horoscope and predictive tool, that most certainly has been generalized and sometimes quite unrelatable. Astrology is actually the 'blueprint of the soul', giving us the chance to reveal great insight into what we need to know to move forward or through given moments in time.

This is a very open and honest dialogue that we have and is considered a soul coaching service. It is important that you come to this meeting of the minds with an open heart and able to really face your true self.

If you have any questions about this type of reading, please feel free to email Steph Prism at or text me at 512-767-7555. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • After purchase, please email me or text me at 512-767-7555 with the needed information (birth time, birth city, birth date). Otherwise, I will email you within 12 hours of your purchase.
  • The Natal Chart Interpretation is extremely helpful to those who are ready to become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses. This is a very open conversation and can be quite blunt. Please be ready to face all aspects of yourself, both the good and the parts you may feel are 'bad'.
  • At this time, if you want to use the phone call options, I'm only available on Tuesday and Sunday for this service.
  • This email example in the photos is just a small snippet of what is to come. You will receive an email where you will download your video, the report will not be a written document, you will receive a 60-minute video recording.


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