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Nurturing, ancestral healing, soft divine feminine power.

Our limited-run Cancer candle is made to call in the Cancer energy within your space. Because Cancer is ruled by the moon, this candle is also created with any moon phase in mind. The ultimate moon candle for rituals and offerings.

Created to connect with your divine feminine energy in all it's form. The soft strength of the feminine that creates fiercely while providing a nurturing hand.

  • Moonlight vessel - made to be paired with Leo season's vessel for those who re-use their vessels as altarpieces
  • White Moonstone | Healing, Harmony, Nurturing, Divine Feminine, Intuition, Encouraging Non-Linear Thinking
  • Design to be revealed
  • Ritually poured intention candle

How To Use:

  • Best used during rituals, working with the moon phases, meditation, or divination
  • Light for 2 hours at a time and let the wax pool all the way to the sides of the containers
  • Wick may need to be trimmed after first use
  • When the wax starts to get melty, carefully pluck your crystal to remove
Full fragrance: Honeydew, plumeria, vanilla, strawberry, lemon | All fragrances are phthalate-free | Ingredients: soy wax, biodegradable glitter, herbs, white moonstone crystal | All ingredients are vegan | All art offerings are made of soy wax, essential oils, phthalate-free fragrance, herbs, and biodegradable glitter. They are all handmade + hand-poured, so like anything you'd find in nature they will vary slightly.