Just Breathe Bracelet

Brielle Belle

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Just Breathe Bracelet
Just Breathe Bracelet


When life gets hectic, remember to just breathe through it. Inhale love and gratitude and exhale fear and hate. Meditate on your breathe and listen to your inner-self.

Affirmation bracelets help keep your mind aligned with your goals. Every time you look at your wrist, it's time to quickly remind yourself of the positive affirmation staring back at you.

Stack with other affirmation bracelets to not only look good but also to continue feeling good.


  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • Copper & Brass come with a protective coating on them to prevent tarnishing or skin discoloration
  • Cuff is 6" long and 1/8" wide

These tiny bands are pieces of wearable art! Take good care of them. They are not intended for: swimming, showering/hand washing, exercising or sleeping in.

Looking for a custom piece? Contact us at laperiapt@gmail.com

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