Law of Attraction

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Show up for the Universe and let the Universe show up for you. Lean in more deeply to the flow of receiving.
Go deeper into your gratitude practice and be open to receiving more abundance.

This candle is made to help you work with the law of attraction and your own personal magick. A fruity scent of strawberry, apple, coconut, and tobacco. Fruit such as strawberry and apple promote fertility of life. They bring luck and determination but also are a powerful offering of love and gratitude. Raise your frequency to love and be prepared to receive all everything you desire! Give gratitude for all that you have, visualize what you want to attract, and most importantly feel with all your heart that it's already yours. Coconut and tobacco are the bottom notes to help bring self-belief, trust, and healing.

The wax story of your Law of Attraction candle is joy, love, and tranquility. See the flowers how they work together, but do not fuss. They do not stress, instead, they interact beautifully with one another. This is you, letting go of expectations, and feeling as if you've already received everything you are manifesting. You can see at the life force of the candle (the wick) the sparkling joy and abundance that you are attracting to you. The herbs associated with LoA are lavender to feel peace, rose for heightening love and gratitude, flower for joy, good luck incense for just that, orange for laughter and love of life, and vegan glitter to show you exactly how much abundance is all around you. This candle, when melted, offers a rainbow of glitter as a visual representation of how much you have received already and all that is on it's the way to you now.


  • Strawberry, Apple, Orange Scent
  • Flower, lavender, rose, orange
  • Good luck incense
  • Vegan glitter

    How To Use:

    • Best used during meditation or visualization
    • Meditation and affirmation ideas included
    • Light for 2 hours at a time
    • Wick may need to be trimmed after first use

    Full fragrance: strawberry, sugar, musk, green, apple, spice, vanilla, coconut, cedar, sandalwood, florals, coconut, lemon-lime | All fragrances are phthalate free

    Ingredients: soy wax, biodegradable glitter, good luck incense, lavender, flower, rose, orange | All ingredients are vegan

    Choose from design A or B | All candles are one of a kind