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Oracle Reading


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Oracle Reading
🔮Oracle cards are an intuitive tool for self-reflection and actualization.
🤳Please be ready to face your own self, to be open-minded and honest about your actions, decisions, emotions, and goals.
💌Email is preferred because you can refer back to it at a later point. Plus as we work together, you'll be able to track your progress.
👁However, we need to chat beforehand to exchange energy and learn a little bit about what you are seeking. After buying a reading, please email me at
👹Are you feeling scared of the guidance? Don't be! Think of it as a 'therapy' to understand what you need, to help gain what you seek. However, I am not a doctor. Please seek professional help in case of an emergency.
🎴Oracle readings are great a way to look into your own subconscious/psyche and understand what needs to be realized to improve your life! YOU are nothing to be afraid!!! YOU are wonderful and YOU are worthy of what you want in this life.


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