Tarot Reading


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Tarot Reading
Tarot Reading

Are you looking for guidance or want to explore some insight to help push your life forward?

For a limited time, an in depth reading is only $11!

What sector of life do you want to know more about?

  • Love
  • Career
  • General Life

The best part is you never need to the leave the comfort of your home!

Are you feeling scared of the tarot? Don't be! Think of it as a therapy to understand what you need to move forward in a specific area.

Tarot readings are great a way to look into your own subconscious/psyche and understand what needs to be realized to improve your life!

After buying a tarot reading, contact me via email or I will contact you directly! If you feel uncomfortable about buying before speaking, let's talk, but hurry! This offer won't last long!

Please feel free to contact me at laperiapt@gmail.com at any time! I'm here to help and can't wait for you to start creating the life you desire.

Go with your intuition throughout our session. Every step of the way you'll be making decisions and interaction, so you can make to get the best reading possible!

You are a beautiful being of energy and I want to help you achieve the life of your dreams!