☼ The Periapt is taking a short break to catch up on orders. Thank you for shopping and doing the mindful inner work! Please sign up for our email newsletter to know when we re-open! All candle orders placed after 5/24/2020 will not go out until mid-June. We are open for astrology + tarot readings. ☼

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with extra powerful intention candles to manifest your desires. Join our newsletter for more information on when we re-open. From the bottom of our hearts, we are so grateful for all the support  +  love from everyone doing the spiritual, physical, and mental work to manifest their dreams. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Orders placed will go out mid-june

Periapt; n. talisman or amulet | be your own lucky charm


Energy work is involved with your Periapt intention candle. All candles are infused with good vibrations to aid in raising your own frequency. Our intention candles are made to be worked with during ritual, prayer,  and other mindful activities.



When you shop Periapt, you shop small business further than you realize as most of our intentional ingredients are bought locally in Austin, TX. All candles are made with soy wax + biodegradable glitter. Reuse the containers or send them back for a discount.



Astrology + Tarot readings are tools to understand ourselves better or gain insight. These types of readings help provide answers or deeper understanding to a situation. Guidance from the cosmos can provide deep information that leads to a higher purpose.