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Our online shop is a sacred space for online exclusive drops. For the full line of our candles, please connect with one of our beautiful stockists.

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We know you are worthy of all you desire. Our candles are ritually poured & hand designed. Align with your intentions through herbalism, aromatherapy, and mindful moments.


We care about you. All of our candles are made with high-grade essential oils & phthalate-free fragrances. Even our glitter is biodegradable to keep toxins out of your sacred space.


We believe in the casual ceremony. Each candle is a sacred tool to work with in your daily life. Reconnect to your own divinity. Claim your greatest desires or burn for yummy vibes.

I just wanted to say thank you because your intention candles played a huge role in the creation of my business! Whenever I was brainstorming ideas in the very beginning, creating the foundation for my business, making the social media for it, etc, I used them & they really helped me manifest all my goals!

Mae Ling

tailored to you

Uniquely magical

The most powerful thing you can do for yourself is own your uniqueness. Whether it be a bespoke candle talisman, a candle working, or joining the Prismatic Presence initiative, you are the radiant being at the center of it all. The Periapt is ready to see you shine in all of your power.