You're worthy of all you desire

Mindful Creations


noun; talisman or charm

You are the periapt in your life, for you are worthy of all that you desire.

Welcome, lucky charm!

We strongly believe that you are the creator of your life, making you the luckiest charm of all! Through awareness, the belief in self, and a little magic, we can manifest all that we desire. All of our manifestation candles are art offerings to the Universe in exchange for an intention you are setting. If you are having trouble deciding what intention to set or why you're not receiving what you desire, there may be a blockage of energy. Let's bring awareness to what could be causing this through one of our spiritual service offerings such as an astrology reading or tarot reading.

Calls me out

"I always look forward to getting my reading done by The Periapt. The cards always call me out on the things I keep hiding from or even thoughts and emotions I am experiencing subconsciously. I love receiving messages on what I need to work on, but always what I am doing right. I love the format the reading is received... It's so easy to forget something that was said, but receiving the reading the way yu do makes sure you never forget important messages!"

~ Robyn

I just received the candles in the mail...

"Let me just start off with WOW! These candles smell absolutely amazing, and the note you wrote was so sweet. I love everything you and this candle stands for... I am in absolute love!"

~ Tiffany

Bespoke Candle

Looking for something special for someone special? Bespoke candles are custom created uniquely with the individual in mind. Until Dec 12th, while supplies last, use code: iamunique when buying a Bespoke Candle and receive a completely FREE surprise manifestation candle.


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