We know you are worthy of all you desire. Now it's your turn to know. Each candle is poured with you in mind and a special intention within each vessel. You deserve magic in your life.


We care about you. All of our candles are made with high-grade essential oils & phthalate-free fragrances. Even our glitter is biodegradable to keep toxins out of your sacred space.


We believe in the casual ceremony. Each candle is a sacred tool to work with in your daily life. Reconnect to your own divinity. Claim your greatest desires or burn for yummy vibes.

I just wanted to say thank you because your intention candles played a huge role in the creation of my business! Whenever I was brainstorming ideas in the very beginning, creating the foundation for my business, making the social media for it, etc, I used them & they really helped me manifest all my goals!

Mae Ling