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May the Casual Ceremony Commence

Are you a magical being looking for connection to co.create? We are too! We love collaborations of all sorts. Contact us at so that we can directly cosmically connect and share space together.


The Numinous Nymphs


Found each other across the ether, Rachella Raquel and I were incredibly blessed, humbled, and flabbergasted by the way we empowered one another. Helping each other navigate through our Shadows and having the most fun doing so, we knew we had to co-create in some shape or form. Hence, The Numinous Nymphs was born, a Sanctuary for the Sultry Soul. In this podcast we touch on the themes of paganism, witchcraft, intuitive astrology, shadow work, decolonialism, tarot, and other tools used for the spirit, to empower others to use their own magic.

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About Rachella Raquel

Through her infinite curiosity for all things magic, mystic and metaphysical, Rachella's website has become the embodiment of her embracing her Soul's Mission. By providing a gateway to the Great Unknown, she offers the opportunity to help you explore and examen your inner darkness. To uncover every part of yourself that has been disowned, repressed and rejected. An exploration where she has often felt lonely and lost, yet has learned so much. Via spellbinding articles, sacred tools, and her Enchantress Energy readings she guides you through the Darkness, like a spark in need of tending. With encouragement and support in self-reflection, that spark becomes a flame.

"When we honor our interconnectedness, we can find ourselves through each other. It can help us grow, and lets us deliberately outgrow who we once were. Only to discover we already are who we are meant to be..."

xx Rachella Raquel

Find her on instagram @rachellaraquel