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Our Truth

Periapt; n. talisman, amulet, lucky charm

Steph + Anthony, co-owners of the Periapt, believe in unconditional love of self + all other beings. We value how wealthy we are in experiences, 'good' and 'bad', for everything and everyone is connected to (and by) the source of it all.

The Periapt was created for you to embrace your own magickal energy.

You are worthy of all you desire.

Reclaim your power and own your fortune with mindful practices.

You are worthy, you are loved, and you are supported.

What you seek is seeking you. - Rumi

And so it is.



I got intention candles and tarot readings from Stephanie. I am IN LOVE with my intention candles. I got the self care ones and used them during the Harvest Moon. You can tell they were made with love with attention to detail like art itself! Steph is also an amazing tarot reader. every reading she has done for me has been spot on..."


Mae Ling

I am such a huge fan of these incredible candles! Not only are they gorgeous & smell amazing, but they have also helped lower my stress levels, boosted my mood, promoted clarity/focus, protected me from negativity, helped me meditate, & made any place that they're lit in so peaceful ☮️..."

Mae Ling


Within the past year I've received different readings from Steph. Each reading zoomed in on a different aspect of my birth chart and I must say, every time they are mind-blowing, enticing, accurate, and just what I needed. What I love the most about her readings is the way she makes (the often abstract) astrology tangible, providing me with clear-cut comments and bullet points. All this while making me laugh out loud. Who said doing shadow work couldn't be fun? With her down-to-earth attitude, she helps me further understand the stars above and how they impact my deepest psyche..."


Aquarian Information

As we move into the Aquarian age, here are some general traits to keep in mind that we will see in the collective consciousness.