big energy

The Creation

Modern mystic, Steph, found herself pulled on a wind of whim to create powerful candles considered works of art to sacrifice to the Universe, after years of practicing candle magic with store-bought supplies.

The Periapt was born out of this call.

At the Periapt, we're passionate about living a present life full of creativity, love + sustainability. Our candles are designed to empower seekers to work with their own magic, understand their intrinsic worth, and reach for their deepest desires.

Handcrafted with love + intention using eco-friendly materials, our candles are reiki infused with positive energy. Join us on the journey of manifesting a world of beauty through intention + mindfulness.

Meet Steph Prism

Mystic of Love

Steph Prism is a being of compassion + forgiveness. Filled with passion for the human experience, she found her most powerful magic through embracing her heart.

She is a clairsentient who walks the path of love, shadow, intuition + magic. Her powerful psychic senses, perceived through astrology + tarot, allow her to witness the unseen realms of spirit + energy, working with spirit guides and Archangels, she brings messages of hope + truth.

Through her work, Steph seeks to share her unconditional love with others, bringing healing and transformation to those who seek it. Working with her is safe space where you'll find no judgement, only radical honesty + warm tenderness, even in your darkest moments.

Steph lives in Houston, TX with her beautiful life partner and two children, Astral + Night.