The Best Way to Set Intentions for Autumn (2022)

The Best Way to Set Intentions for Autumn (2022)

The best way to set intentions for Autumn in 2022 is to find your joy!!!

Done... That's it... 😉 But learn why setting intentions in Autumn is so powerful down below 👇 

There is so much manifestation magick during the Autumn Equinox, which coincides with Mabon. It's no wonder so many people naturally gravitate towards it as their favorite time of year, even if you're just learning about it.

Not only do you have pumpkins, fallen leaves, and spooky season, on a spiritual level, you've planted your seeds (Intentions/Spring), worked really hard (Manifested/Summer), and now you are ready to give thanks for your harvest (Fruition/Autumn).

Energetically speaking, we love this season, not just because it's the cooler time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and oh, so delicious, but because we have been taught many years ago, generations back, that this is the time where we find family, joy, and togetherness.

This is such an incredibly, powerful time in your manifestation cycle.

Why, you ask? 

Because it's the time where you should be setting the intention of celebration, joy, and bringing light to your darkest places.

I'm an energy worker that firmly believes in doing these three things all year long, but the Autumnal Equinox is a great reminder that these intentions are truly what we are meant to experience during these last months of our calendar year.

And this makes such a powerful time for manifestation & magick, because happiness and fun and gratitude, are all things that tell the Universe you've already received everything you want. When you set set these intentions, you claim your power and honor what you already have, which then sends a signal out to the Universe that you're open & ready to receive more.

What does the Autumn Equinox symbolize?

In Paganism, the Autumnal Equinox is also referred to as Mabon, as it coincides with the timing. Mabon is celebrated usually the day before, during, and after the Autumn Equinox. As we experience it, this is a transition from long days to longer nights; the waning of day light, creating what we refer to as the "darker half the of year."

On this day, the Autumn Equinox finds that day and night are equal in length. This symbolizes the Mother (Goddess) and the Father (God) being in harmony. You should think of the Mother and the Father as the divine masculine and divine feminine aspects of yourself.

(BTW - Not at all related to gender, so don't think of this as being 'masculine' or 'feminine' and instead thinking of it as yin and yang energy.)

As we transition into the darkness, we are given time to enjoy and reflect on our harvests.

Because of this darkness, back in earlier times, people did not cultivate their crops now, and instead reaped what they'd sown (their harvest), and took time to celebrate and enjoy before Winter kept people in their homes, and rest & rejuvenation happened.

So symbolically, this is where you are asked to look back at the past year and see how far you've come. The intentions you've set along the way (think New Years and Spring) and how they've manifested or were brought to fruition.

Then go a step further and honor that with every fiber of your being. 

During pagan times, they'd honor the Sun for the light that was given to provide such a beautiful bounty. And you are called to do the same, but instead: to honor your light, for what you've called in and created in your life.

The word of the season is honoring.

However, because we are moving into the darker half of the year, it also symbolizes bringing (your) light to the darkness, AKA shadow work.

We like to work with the deity Persephone, because she is great at helping you find your way through the the tender parts of yourself that you like to keep hidden.

This can ultimately be called Shadow Work and can be intense and quite emotional, but this is where you can dive into those deeper parts of yourself that you deem unworthy and bring major love. You may look back and realize you didn't bring your intentions of the New Year into your life, and this would be a time to recall the reasons why. These reasons may stem from feeling unworthy, alone, unacceptable... really un-anything, but the beauty of this knowing is that you are absolutely worthy of your desires and always divinely supported.

This Autumn energy can help support you looking at those tender bits of yourself and see them as the light that is being snuffed out, rather than parts of yourself that have gone wrong.

How to Manifest with Autumn?

Here's the fun part!


Get to having fun!

Be merry!

Honor yourself, your abundance, your hustle, your drive, your progress, your potential... the list is endless.

Honor others! Honor your friends, your family, your connections, your helpers, your guides and Spirit Squad...

Give thanks to everything from the bottom of your heart, and the best way to do this is to just have fun. Finding organic joy and radiating that back into the world.

There isn't a specific way to do this, but you might throw a party or gathering, or do something just because you want to, like enjoying a really over the top delicious meal, or cooking something you've been dying to make for yourself or for someone else.

Because again, this all signals to the Universe that you are ready and open to receiving even more. 

It's a time for giving back and truly loving your life so much, that you have something to give in return! This doesn't have to be money, it cant even be your time or energy.

One of the most powerful messages I've ever received from Spirit is, "life is for playing and not to be taken too seriously."

With this in mind, the Autumn Equinox (and Autumn in general) is the perfect time to surrender to Spirit and live from your heart. Be close to loved ones, cherishing them and the life you are living so intentionally.

Or even taking time and space to cherish yourself. Even though we as human beings are all flawed, and some may believe those flaws make them unworthy (not the truth), you can bring immense love and gratitude for your human experience.


So the truth is - the best way to manifest your desires in Autumn is through setting intentions of joy, happiness, family, integration, and abundance.

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