Unlocking the Secrets: Symbolism of Candle Flames for Manifesting Intentions with Intention Candles

Unlocking the Secrets: Symbolism of Candle Flames for Manifesting Intentions with Intention Candles

Discover the profound symbolism of spell candle flames and how they can enhance the manifestation of your intentions with intention candles. In this blog post, you will explore the hidden meanings behind flame colors, heights, and movements. Understanding these symbolic messages will empower you to deepen your connection to your manifestation work as well as exercising your intuition. Spirit and our guides are always sending us message and the flame is just another tool to understand their guidance.


Flame Colors

Decoding the symbolic color language to manifest your intentions. Decipher the flame colors and their direct connection to what you may need to know about your intention. Learn how each flame color, from vibrant red to serene blue, holds specific meanings that align with different intentions and elements. Harness this knowledge to amplify the power of your intention candles and manifest your desires effectively.

During a spell or ritual, the color of a spell candle flame holds significant symbolic meaning. Each flame color represents different energies and intentions, adding depth and power to your spell work. Understanding these symbolic associations allows you to align your intentions and manifest your desires more effectively.

Vibrant Red Flame

passion, love, strength, movement, energy, success

Bright Yellow Flame

embodies joy, creativity, intellect, success, optimism

Soothing Green Flame

abundance, fertility, creation, fruition, healing, blockages

Calm Blue Flame

serenity, healing, communication

Pure White/Silver Flame

spirituality, divine guidance, more to know, intuitive knowing

By paying attention to the color of the flame, you can tap into the specific energies needed for your spell and amplify your intentions, or you can understand how it may play out.

Flame Height + Placement

Amplifying your intention manifestation through flame intensity, discover how the height of a spell candle flame reflects the intensity of the energy being generated. By understanding the significance of flame height, you can adjust and focus the potency of your intention candles for optimal manifestation. 

Tall + Robust Flame

indicating that your intentions are being fueled with great power or lots of energy is needed to bring this to fruition

Low + Steady Flame

represents a calmer and gentler energy, or there may be not enough energy fueling your intention, do you have low energy, this may also indicate more aligned action is needed

Steady Flame

gently nurturing your intentions and allowing them to unfold at a steady pace, remember to surrender fully and move forward with grace

To the Left

placement to the left can signal that that there is something that needs to be received in order to fully bring your intention to fruition, mental or emotional blockages that are holding you back, it can also represent needing more information or to surrender more fully

To the Right

while to the right there can indicate forward movement, quickness, success, going in the right direction


steady movement, success, trusting in divine timing and that everything is working out exactly they way it should, that there is a steady energy to bring your intention to fruition

When using a chime candle the direction the wax melts, left, right, center, can also be seen as intuitive guidance and symbolize the direction your spell or intention may go. By observing and understanding the symbolism of flame height + position, you can adjust and direct the energy of your intention accordingly, aligning it with the action or level of focus or surrender needing to bring it to fruition. This awareness empowers you to optimize your intention manifestation process and enhance the effectiveness of your intention work.


Flickering and Dancing Flames

Explore the profound messages conveyed by watching how the flame flickers and dances. These subtle motions hold divine guidance, providing insights and direction for manifesting your intentions with intention candles. Learn to interpret these mesmerizing flame dances and align your actions with the divine guidance received. These mesmerizing movements are believed to represent divine communication and the presence of spiritual energies. 

When a spell candle flame dances, it indicates a dynamic and active energy at play. It can signify that the spiritual realm is actively engaging with your intentions and providing guidance along your manifestation journey.

When the flame flickers, this may serve as a message, urging you to pay attention, make necessary adjustments, or take inspired action. It can also indicate energetic shifts or transformations occurring within and around you.

By interpreting the symbolic language of flickering and dancing flames, you can gain deeper insights into the progress and alignment of your intentions. Embrace the messages conveyed by these captivating movements and allow them to guide you as you navigate the magical realm of spell work.

Signs and Omens

Gain insights into sudden changes and extinguishing flames during your intention candle rituals. These occurrences are considered signs and omens, offering guidance and wisdom as you navigate your manifestation journey. Interpret these signs to make necessary adjustments, keeping your intentions on track for successful manifestation.

Signs and omens observed through the flames of intention candles hold profound meaning in the manifestation journey. Sudden changes and extinguishing flames are believed to be messages from the spiritual realm, guiding and providing insights along the path of manifestation. These occurrences are not mere coincidences but significant symbols that require attention and interpretation. These signs and omens act as valuable guides, helping you navigate the manifestation journey with clarity and awareness. By attuning yourself to the symbolic messages within these flame phenomena, you can make necessary course corrections, realign your intentions, or seek deeper understanding. Embrace the wisdom of signs and omens, allowing them to illuminate your path and lead you towards the successful manifestation of your intentions with intention candles.

One Wick Out

represent the completion of a phase or the need to reassess your desires, blockages, may not be brought to fruition at this time

Sudden Shift of Flame

a shift in energy or the need for adjustment in your intentions or actions

For Periapt candles specifically, the dressing also counts as symbolism. Is the dressing (herbs/botanicals/glitter) congregating more towards the flame (magnetism, attraction) or to one specific side. Is it dispersed evenly (stay balanced and consistent) or more heavily in one spot (there's imbalance or the potential action you need is not enough or overly done)?

All of these subtle notes will help you understand what you need to know about your intention and how to bring it to fruition. If you are using Periapt candles for spell work, we believe that there is no manifestation with out aligned action, although you may find that the message is to surrender more fully. 

    Unlock the hidden symbolism of spell candle flames and harness the power of intention candles to manifest your deepest desires! By understanding the language of flame colors, height, flickering, and signs, you can optimize the manifestation of your intentions. Empower your intention candle rituals with the profound wisdom and guidance revealed by the flames. Embrace the secrets of spell candle flames to manifest your intentions effectively and create a transformative experience with intention candles.

    And remember, it's okay if you divine the flame and see that you're not going to receive your intention right away; all in Divine Timing. Divine timing is the understanding that in your journey, the unfolding of events and outcomes occurs at the precise and perfect moment orchestrated by a higher power. And that means that you are here for a lesson, which means, you my friend, are here for a reason.

    Thanks for being here + happy manifesting.

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