Pasithea's Relaxation Ritual

Pasithea's Relaxation Ritual

This is probably one of the candles we use the most in our home. Not only is the lavender scent just so lovely, it's also such an amazing way to stay relaxed in the comfort of your own home. Pasithea's Rest is made to help you relax and rest more easily. In a way, this is a form of surrender, which is a key component in the manifestation process.

Pasithea is the Greek Goddess of rest and relaxation. She was the mother of the God of Dreams, Morpheus, and the wife of the God of Sleep, Hypnos. She also governs the realms of meditation, and hallucinations (or more so hallucinogens as this was found in rituals surrounding Pasithea).

When we call upon Pasithea, we call upon ourselves to become free of anxiety and worry. Our Pasithea's Rest candle is the perfect companion when needing some time to chill out or let ourselves become free of worry, so that we may deepen our rest and there for generate more.

Rest = regeneration

Truly this is less of a ritual and more of a lifestyle intention to set, whenever you need it, as there is nothing needed here except your Pasithea candle and 10-30 minutes of time. 

Simply set the intention out loud to release your worries, fears, anxieties, or pent up energy that may not allow you sleep/rest.

While we never suggest letting your candle burn while you sleep, we do recommend lighting your candle for a few hours, calling on Pasithea for relaxation, prior to setting the intention of rest.

I highly recommend using the Pasithea candle during the following activities:

  • Meditation
  • Stretching
  • Breath Work
  • Shadow Work
  • Reading

While shadow work is the only item on the list that I wouldn't consider as relaxing, the magic of calling in Pasithea can help you relax more while doing your inner work and help your mind stay at ease. Shadow work can be quite energizing, and exhausting, but also a hard look in the mirror which brings anxiety, worries, or fears. This candle is meant to be worked with during these times to lessen those mindsets.

The mini-ritual I want to offer below though is very simple.

Pasithea's Relaxation Ritual

What you'll need:

  • Bay Leaf
  • Fire proof bowl
  • Pen/Permanent Market
  • Pasithea Candle
  • 10-20 minute guided meditation

1. Write down on the bay leaf what you are releasing and letting go of. If you have a permanent market, this may be hard to fit a lot of words on, so maybe there is a theme or key word you can conjure.

2. Light your Pasithea candle. Acknowledge in that moment something beautiful about the flame, maybe the way it flickers or the softness of the glitter that you can see as the wax melts.

3. Start your meditation. It can really be any amount of time you choose, but I do believe that 10-20 minutes should be the minimum to start with.

4. After your meditation, return back to your bay leaf and burn it in your candle. Imagine while your leaf burns, that what you've written on it is released back to the Universe, leaving you completely.

*Make sure to have your fire proof bowl handy, or when I do this ritual, when I'm finished burning (or it becomes to small to hold) I place in the candle wax to stay with the vessel. This is a symbolic reminder that anytime I burn this candle, this item I've released stays released. However, please do what feels most comfortable and safe for you. 

5. End your ritual with, "And so it is..."

You may choose to meditate for a little while longer, simply on the breath. Take at least 10 deep breaths in for 7 counts, holding for a count once you've filled your lungs, and then releasing for 7 counts. Set the intention now to relax. Put your candle out with the lid or a candle snuffer, and let yourself float regain your energy through rest. This may mean taking a nap, reading a book, or doing something low-key and quiet. Leave the television and phones off for at least a few hours, so that your body can regenerate.

This is really an easy ritual and a lot of times, unless you're feeling super wound up or unable to release something, just having the Pasithea candle going is ritual enough. Every time you light her, make sure to set the intention of peace or relaxation. That's what we do in our household, and as a dominant Mercury thinker, I have a lot of anxiety, so I know this works best just setting the intention every day to release stress.

You are worthy of all you desire and I love you so much.

Steph 🌈

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