Money Tree Ritual

Money Tree Ritual

Money doesn't grow on trees. But what if it could?! With our Money Tree ritual, align with the frequency of money. We have been taught that money is hard to obtain. It's something that we have to work really hard for and if we don't work, we don't get paid. A lot of us have even had it engrained within us that we will never receive copious amounts of money, because it's just not in the cards for us. This has left us with feelings of disbelief of worth around money. Feeling as if our worth is tied directly to how much money we make, which causes stress or doubts in ourselves. We are also taught that money is a bad thing, that intrinsically it's an evil that causes damage to the psyche. (Now on a political and power stand point, there is some truth to this, but for the average person, money can be a great things!)

Just like anything else in our Universe, money is a frequency of energy. To obtain more of it, we must align with the frequency of material abundance. With these fore-mentioned restrictions and many others, including the stress of responsibility in the every day world of paying bills,  money can be hard to call in! It's absolutely possible, and we've experienced MANY great reviews about our Money Tree candle.

Our Money Tree candle can be worked with in a lot of ways, but here is a simple ritual to help you align with the frequency of money and call in material abundance.

I want to offer an extremely SIMPLE intention setting that I've done many times before and had great experience with. You're going to laugh at how easy it is, and with any disbeliefs surrounding your worthiness of money, you may even not believe it could be this easy. However, just trust in the process and surrender to the unknown. This easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy ritual is perfect when you are working on a project, planning something, and working in general. You are already aligned with making money when you are at work, so it's a natural feeling of belief that money IS IN FACT on it's way to you.

Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Squeezy Money Tree Ritual

1. Light your Money Tree candle

2. Close your eyes and claim:

"Money is on it's way to me now."

It's important to note that claiming it, means there is no other option. You feel it in your heart that you are a money magnet.

3. Open your eyes and imagine money being attracted to the flame of your candle. As the flame burns bright, money is magnetized to the flame.

4. Say, "And so it is." Leaving no other course of action to happen, but money coming to you now.

4. Let your candle (safely) burn for a couple hours, if possible. Allowing for money to find it's way to you.

5. Use the lid to extinguish your candle when finished.

I know what you're thinking, no way. I promise you though, I've experienced great success with money coming my way with this simple ritual. This is the power of intention. However, it's not going to bring in long term prosperity or financial abundance, this is a quick fix or quick sale to get the manifestation process kicked off. I usually do this when I'm in the office or feel as if I'm really needing a little buffer in my bank account. Give it a try and see what happens.

For a more in-depth money ritual, this is one that I really love although it can take some time as there is multiple steps to it. This is a more prosperous ritual that does take time to see the fruits of your labor. 

What you'll need:


Money Tree Money Ritual

First things first, you need to release all your preconceived thoughts surrounding money. Meaning, your vibration must be raised to meet the frequency of wealth and prosperity.

1. Turn on your binaural beats (preferably with headphones if you can, but not necessary), and create sacred space, cast a circle, or whatever you need to do to really set the intention that this is where money is coming into now. Continue to let this play through your entire ritual.

2. Take deep breaths and allow your entire body to relax and center. You may need to tense each body part from your toes to your head, and then relax them more deeply to ensure tension is released.

3. Write down at least 10 things you are currently grateful for in your gratitude journal (see our Law of Attraction ritual if you are unfamiliar with a gratitude journal). These should be 10 material items that you have now or have received before that you really loved. After writing each item, thank the Universe three times out loud!

4. Place the money underneath your candle, thank the Universe for bringing in money to you now, as you light your Money Tree candle.

5. Watch the flame flicker for a while, (30 seconds can feel like a long time) but the longer you watch the flame dance, the better. While watching the flame dance, envision that the flame is a magnet for prosperity and wealth. As the flame continues to burn, close your eyes. Start with your money mantras as you watch the flame. You can find these easily, make your own, or use some of my favorites:

"I am a money magnet." "Money flows easily to me."

"I release all negativity around money and stay in the flow of abundance."

"Money follows me everywhere I go." "I have all the money I need."

"Financial abundance finds its way to me now." 

"I receive money easily and effortlessly."

6. Let your self really envision that you have a seed. You bury this seed in a mound of fertile and grassy ground and cover it up. The grass grows back immediately after you've covered your seed up and the fertile ground starts to shoot a sprout. That sprout grows into a tree which grows quite rapidly in front of you. The tree starts as a skinny sapling and widens as the trunk grows thicker and the branches start to sprawl. The most beautiful green leaves that you've ever seen appear from all the branches, and as soon as they grow firm and mature they turn into $100 dollar bills. There are so many thick leaves of bills that the smallest rustle of wind knocks them to the ground for you to collect, but the money tree continues to extend and grow providing shade and continuously dropping money for you to collect. 

7. Sit for as long as you can, visualizing money growing on trees, and open your eyes. Claim that this is reality by closing out your ritual with:

"And so it is..."

This ritual, while really I've condensed it down to 7 steps, can take some time, so give yourself plenty of space within your life to really commit to it. I'd say that you don't want to perform this ritual more than once a month, as you really want to provide the Universe time to make things happen. The more you perform this ritual in short spans of time, the more likely you are going to live in the mindset that you NEED money and that you LACK it. This is really potent if down during a new moon, waxing moon, or full moon, especially if the new moon or full moon is in an earth sign.

Waxing moon energy is a great all around energy, as the moon is growing, just like your financial abundance, and does not necessarily need to be in an earth sign to be worked with.

I hope you have some fun with this ritual, because that's what matters the most. Bringing joy and fun into your rituals actually helps raise your frequency and get you where you want to be more easily!

You are worthy of all you desire, including financial abundance, and I love you so much!!!!


Steph 🌈

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