Venus Touch Beauty Ritual

Venus Touch Beauty Ritual

To understand more about what the touch of Venus means, we have to understand the archetype of Venus.

Venus is the Goddess of Beauty, Love, Aesthetics, Luxury, and Pleasure... She is seen as the most beautiful Goddess and she is desired by all. This is a very boiled down and basic break down of her realms.

The Periapt 'Venus Touch' candle can be worked with for multiple types of rituals such as beauty and love. In this ritual, we will be focusing on glamour (or beauty).

This may be a ritual that is needed time-and-time again, because society has taught us many things on what we should believe beauty to be. However, beauty is truly not one way. Anyone and everyone is beautiful, but finding that beauty within and reclaiming the love for the self, is where it really starts. 

What you'll need for this ritual:

  • Venus Touch candle
  • A mirror
  • Self-Love affirmations
  • 10 - 30 minutes (your choice)

This is such an easy ritual and is bound to help you really see yourself again. It can be hard to get started as maybe there aren't many things you think are great about yourself, but as time goes on, with consistency, you will find that your eyes start to open up to the real reflection in the mirror.


Starting out, you may want to try 5-10 minutes as this can be new and heavy to sit through as you first go about it. The longer you can hold your own gaze, the better. However, be kind with yourself if at first it feels hard. Start your ritual by creating sacred space in whatever way feels best for you. I personally like to hop up on the counter or sit on the floor in front of the mirror and burn incense or palo santo, before lighting my candle. Also, to really set the intention of getting the most out of this ritual thank the Universe before starting for really feeling beauty from this exercise.

Start this ritual on a Friday. You may choose to start this ritual on a Friday and do every day or continue to carve out time on Fridays for this glamour. Before starting, call in the magnetism of Venus to surround and uplift you.

1. Light your Venus Touch candle.

2. Take your mirror, or look into your mirror, and stare right into your eyes. Hold your gaze for a few moments, simply breathing, and allowing yourself to see your eyes for the very first time. Take as much time as you need, breathing in and out while maintaining your gaze.

3. Use affirmations of your choice that are surrounded by self-love and how beautiful you are.

Some examples that I personally love to use:

  • I radiate love from the inside out.
  • My eyes are so beautiful.
  • Everyday in every way, I am becoming more beautiful.
  • I breathe in joy and happiness which fills my body.
  • My body is perfectly created the way it was meant to be.
  • I am full of health which radiates beauty through every cell of my body.
  • My features are attractive to everyone.
  • I accept the way I look, every time I look at myself, I love what I see.

*The important thing to note here is the feeling that needs to be paired with the affirmation. I personally always start with, "my eyes are so beautiful," because it's something I really do believe. So to really activate the power of the affirmation, please start with something that raises your vibration. This means choosing to acknowledge something you truly do love about yourself. This can be your skin, your hair, your lips, your teeth, your eyebrows, your eyelashes, it doesn't have to seem like a large thing, it can start off with a small detail and grow from there.

4. Remember to maintain your eye contact as you do this work. 

5. Once you've completed your mirror work, end it with another 'Thank you to the Universe, and so it is.' Words are powerful, so closing out this ritual with 'and so it is' helps not only end your session, but also adds to the power that there is no other option but for your intention to manifest.

Once you are finished with your ritual, let it go and surrender that the Universe will move in ways that are mysterious. You will find yourself beautiful and attractive.

Depending where you are on your spiritual journey, this may be a ritual you want to do 5-10 minutes every day, until you really start to feel that spark of love within yourself. This is the basic start to mirror work and as you grow within your ritual, you may also add to it, such as dancing or body movement.

You are an extremely gorgeous being, so calling in the help of Venus can really provide power behind seeing that for yourself.

Truly seeing yourself can be easy, especially when you know you're worthy of all you desire.

With all my love-

Steph 🌈

The Periapt

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