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Steph Prism

Astrology Alignment + Activation

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Illuminate your own cycles with an evolutionary, intuitive, astrology reading. Combining numerology + celestial knowledge together for a deeper understanding of yourself.

Astrology is the cosmic blueprint you don't have to use. Although, if you choose to, it can be extremely beneficial in all of your cycles. As we work together, we will dive into the complex language of astrology and reach the core of who you through your divine design. Together, we use astrology as a very accurate tool to pin-point strengths, shadows, higher purposes, karma, relationships, timing, and so much more.

Which type of reading is for you?

  • Natal Chart readings are where we always start together. Even if you've had a reading with another astrologer, there is always new information that is presented and I need to understand you before we work through any other information. The natal chart reading is the most powerful tool, which provides soulful medicine and a window into your Spirit. We will go into your luck, strengths, obstacles, where you lack and where you are granted abundance, we will also understand your communication and emotional style so that you can see your worth or have better relationships with other.
  • North Node astrology reading is the next step in the lineup, because this is where your soul is headed. This helps us understand your karma, where you are now, and where you've been. The north node reading is so influential to understanding your power, what you seek during this incarnation, and blockages that are undercover so that you can break these bonds to live your dreamiest life.
  • Transit readings are for understanding divine timing. I personally have decided not to do transit or progression readings for people, unless we have worked through your natal chart and north node. This is because, you must know your divine design fully before seeing what's to come. I also do not see myself as a fortune teller, although I am a developing medium and psychic and my predictions are very accurate. Transit readings are for understanding the current and upcoming energies, so that you may work through that energy most efficiently and with confidence. With an hour long reading, I don't suggest getting this type of reading but once every 6-12 months.

What does this mean for you, Seeker?

  • Purchase the type of astrology reading you prefer. Please keep in mind they are not all the same price.
  • After purchasing an intuitive astrology reading, you will receive an email to schedule our Zoom reading together.
  • You will need to provide your birth information (birth date, exact time, and birth location). If you don't know your exact birth time, please let me know.
  • All readings are now 60 minutes, except for the mini-session with is 15 minutes.
 Meet Steph Prism

*All magick candles are ritually poured & hand designed. Like anything you'd find in nature, each will vary slightly. By purchasing, you acknowledge this to be true and accept the candle received was the one made for you.

Refer to our candle wellness page for safe keeping & magic candle care.

Ingredients: 100% soy wax, biodegradable Gaia-Glitter, herbs/botanicals, phthalate-free fragrance, & essential oils


Rates are approximations. Exact rates will be provided at checkout.