Astrology Reading

Astrology Reading

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Astrology is the cosmic blueprint that you were born with. Astrology is complex and dives deep to the core of who we are and our experiences. Together, we use astrology as a very accurate tool to pin-point strengths, shadows, higher purpose, karma, life purpose, relationships, and beyond. Astrology can help bring awareness to imbalances in your life that needed to be equalized to bring in movement.

With astrology, we can find where you may find the most potent time for love, money, career, studies, and more. You may not be able to fully process all the information in one sitting, so you'll receive a keep-sake chart to refer back to.

What to expect:

  • Face-to-face virtual meeting, voice recording, or written report
  • Keep-sake chart for future reference
  • A form sent via email for a more accurate reading together, within 24-hours of purchase
  • Confidential reading

For virtual meetings, please provide in the notes a few times that would work best for you. We will schedule together within the first 24-hours. If there is no response from the buyer about scheduling within 72-hours, the reading will be changed to a voice recording. 

For voice recordings, there will be a small follow up session once you've listened to your recording to provide any clarification needed.

For written reports, there will be a small follow up session once you've read over your information to provide any clarification needed.

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