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Steph Prism

Prismatic Presence Initiative

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This one-one-one initiative is to activate your most prismatic presence. For anyone who feels lost, discarded, weird, or unsure of themselves, this is a support system through intuitive, spiritual guidance, and physical support.

This is a 12-month support from Steph Prism that uses your entire birth chart to understand your greatest strengths & how to use them, your biggest obstacles & how to work within them, and starting to learn how to manifest your greatest desires despite short comings you feel are in your life.

The Prismatic Presence initiative is flexy-session where the following schedule is outlined, but may differ from session-to-session, and client-to-client. This is done in a virtual space, and consist of 1-on-1 sessions every month. If you are unable to make it one month, a voice recorded intuitive session will be sent for you to work with. Through the 12-months, you will have unlimited access to Steph via email or text message.

A manifestation month will also be included in this schedule, based on your specific natal chart.

Month 1: Natal Chart reading - Intention Work (1 hours)

Month 2: Gratitude Work & Medicine of the Moon (1 hour)

Month 3: Mirror Work & your Ascendant Sign (1 hour)

Month 4: Akashic Records Recording & Uranus Originality  (1 hours)

Month 5: Mercurial Mind  & the Magician Within (1 hour)

Month 6: Venusian Lifestyle (love, lust, relationships, values), Intention Work (1 hour)

Month 7: Eye of Neptune & Your Magic (1 hour)

Month 8: Jupiters Expansion, Saturnian Strengths, Shadow Work (1.5 hours)

Month 9: The energetic imprint of Mars (1 hour)

Month 10: Embracing your Souls Sunshine (1 hour)

Month 11: North & South Node direction (1 hours)

Month 12: Intention Work, Tarot & Transits (1 hours)

If you are interested in my sliding scale price, and would need to pay month-by-month this program is $55/month under the 'Prismatic Presence' tier, here, for monthly payments. I trust fully in you, if it's necessary to use the sliding scale.

*All magic candles are ritually poured & hand designed. Like anything you'd find in nature, each will vary slightly. By purchasing, you acknowledge this to be true and accept the candle received was the one made for you.

Refer to our candle wellness page for safe keeping & magic candle care.

Ingredients: 100% soy wax, biodegradable Gaia-Glitter, herbs/botanicals, phthalate-free fragrance, & essential oils


Rates are approximations. Exact rates will be provided at checkout.